Our launch is here! The Vimanika Team are very excited to bring you Indian Mythology in the form of Comic Books, Graphic Novels and Merchandise such as Canvas Prints, Posters, T-shirts and more!


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Vimanika Comics is all set to mesmerise you with Shiva: The Legends of The Immortal (Book 3)

- the third installment of the critically acclaimed and highly popular Shiva series. The creative team for this graphic novel promises a visual delight in combination with excellent narrative and well researched mythological adventure. Since the story deals with the birth of Ganesha and his interaction with Lord Shiva, the team has decided to narrate the story in third person and used stylised animation style artwork to appeal to the younger audience as well.



I am Kalki: The Black Book (Volume – 3)

Kalki faces the ultimate Evil – Kali, will they battle? Find out in our latest release in the I AM KALKI Series.

A determined Kalki sets out on a journey to save a village from pure wrath with his trusty axe and a cipher of a message “Not everything is what it seems”. He is at his best, like always, but he is not even close to countering the evil that awaits him in this abandoned village.


Indian Mythology Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Vimanika Comics publishes Indian Mythology Comic Books and Graphic Novels. Born in MumbaI, India in 2008. The visions of Karan Vir Arora were manifested into Graphic Novel and Comics enriched with India’s History and Religion. Over the years the Indian Comic Industry lacked a range of publications which would appeal to those that follow brands such as Marvel, DC and Virgin Comics. We are now bringing this range of beautifully illustrated stories of the original super heroes such as Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu the all powerful Kshatryia (Warrior) Karna and Lord Vishnu’s 10th Avatar Kalki EXCLUSIVELY to the UK! Vimanika UK’s aim being to bridge the gap across waters and provide for you a way to own and share high quality Comics and Graphic Novel’s with the UK’s youth and younger generation. Vimanika Fan’s simply love our work. We are constantly asked for Merchandise to support the books range. We have worked very hard to provide quality products such as Posters, Canvas Prints (Some are very limited!), T-shirts, Collectors Sketches all showcasing Vimanika Comics award winning brand

Vimanika Comics – Animation


  • Shiva Book 1 Promo

    Watch our animated video with music by Tatva Kundalini. FREE Music CD with every copy of Shiva Book 1

  • Legend of Karna

    The true story…his adventures,love,life and ultimate sacrifice. Season one available as 1 book now! Buy Now

  • Shiva Book 2 Promo

    Our best selling title is continued and we delve deeper into Shiva’s Wisdom, Power and Fury!

Vimanika Comics UK - Launch-Offers

Our 1st UK ComicCon

For the first time in the UK. We are very proud to represent our vibrant Indian History, Religion and Spirituality by taking part in this years first of 4 UK Comic Con’s, Midlands, Birmingham, London and ManchesterJoin our Facebook Event page for up to date information on our First ever UK Show! EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH OF DASHAVATAAR VOL 2 – VARAHA INCARNATION! We will be launching the new re…

    Vimanika Comics UK - Launch-Offers


    By now we are sure you have have fallen in love with our Artwork. Our team of artists really do put a lot of energy and passion into their work, which can be seen by the amazing details and aura each image portrays. Indian Comic Books and Graphic Novels based on Indian Mythology are the perfect inspiration for our creations. We would like to share our work with you in the form of Wallpapers for…

      Vimanika Comics UK - Launch-Offers

      Dashavataar Vol 2 – Varaha (Boar)

      Releasing Exclusively at Vimanika Comics UK’s FIRST EVER UK ComicCON! Dashaavatar (Vol.2): Varaha Avaatar (Cover Art By Suresh Digwal) Publisher: Vimanika Comics Synopsis: Volume Two In The Vimanika’s Continuing Series With Lord Vishnu Taking The Form Of The Majestic Boar, Varaha To Slay Hiranyaksha. After receiving  a Boon from Lord Brahma, Hiranyashka, worked his dominance over the …

        Vimanika Comics UK - Launch-Offers

        Vimanika Canvas Art

        In the next few weeks our very popular Canvasses in a range of sizes will be available to order. Popular Gods will adorn a special place in your home or office and become a talking piece with all that view them. Our Canvasses are Digitally Printed on 400gsm high quality materials that ensure they last. No fading, colouring so you can be sure to own vibrant artwork that can be enjoyed by all….


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